Husk Chips

Coco husk chips are cubes of irregular shapes, chopped/cut from the coconut husk.
These Chips are available in different sizes depending on the application.

Husk Chips

Husk Chips Husk chips can be used as an individual growing medium or can be mixed with other Coco / Coir materials such as Coco Peat, Coir Fibre and Coco crushed to formulate a mix. These chips have the ability to improve the air porosity in the medium & control water restriction.

Coconut Husk Chips work great in all types of potting mixes or stand alone. They will hold water and release it evenly as the mix dries out, similar to a sponge.


  • High water holding capacity, yet realease water evenly
  • Promotes superior root growth
  • Wets & Rewets easily
  • Long Lasting 3-5 Years